Pushes, despite of their size are very powerful

Pushes, despite of their size are very powerful

People are buzzing a lot about push notifications: they are effective, they are necessary, and mobile marketing doesn’t exist without them. Analysts present many statistics and numbers – all of them are promising. Here are TOP 10 of them.  Moreover, I gave you one tip for every statistic, so you know how to use this fact in the real life. Enjoy reading!




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Tip: Remember about preparing a complex push notification strategy while you plan marketing actions for your app. They reach many users and are considered useful.

Tip: Don’t avoid asking directly about push notification opt in – as you can see, the majority of users agrees to receive them. Bonus: lots of users who want you to communicate with them.

Tip: Use different pushes. Remember you can send: plain text push, graphic push, dialogue push and the one with URL linked to a proper landing page.

Tip: More than a half of your users will open the notification of your choice. Take care of its visual aesthetics. If you want to learn more, read this post.

Tip: Identify users’ behavior and segment them into groups with a different engagement level. Prepare various strategies and apply them depending on usage patterns (the user launches the app on a daily basis, few times a week, or occasionally). Monitor behavior changes and use alerts and autoresponders to keep users interested by directing particular campaigns to proper people.

Tip: Mobile enforces personalized communication and adjusting to users’ behavior more than any other channel. Mobile Marketing Automation platform allows automatic notification sending, triggered by both: in-app behavior and external events (like, for example, entering the specific location).

Tip: Unfortunately, the vast majority of apps (according to research, more than 90%) is abandoned after the first launch. Push notification may be used to remind people of the perks of your app. You maximize the probability they will use it more often. If it fails, there is always reactivation campaign. Well-prepared win back campaign starts with identifying inactive users and then proceeds some actions that will make them launch the app again. Here you’ll find more about mobile win back campaign.

Tip: Make sure, your pushes are pleasant to look upon and aesthetic. Avoid most common mistakes that make users ignore your notifications or worse, disable them for good.

Tip: If you need a short poll among users, choose dialogue push over email. Clicking the window takes less time than opening email so there’s more chance you’ll gather more useful data.

Tip: Moble research leads to an online action within 1 hour [source], and 26% of consumers starts with dedicated brand app [source]. Test your push notification efficacy and upgrade them regarding users’ needs. How to do that? Read here.

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