2016 was certainly memorable year. The chinese also call it as the year of the fire monkey, which means the year of changes. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but when I ask people whether have they experienced some changes during this year, they usually say they actually have!


Donald Trump election as the president of United States and astonishing number of celebrities deaths are also the characteristics of 2016.  For some good, for some bad, 2016 still brought us many good things. One of them are mobile marketing articles! According to buzzsumo these are one of the most shared stuff when talking about mobile marketing. Here’s 5 high quality content from 2016:


5 Mobile Marketing Methods To Build Your Ecommerce Brand


No surprise here, the most popular, and the most shared post is from the Forbes. The article mentions few ways to build your ecommerce brand, along with few common mistakes that are contributing to slowing down the progress of your business. Unresponsive web design, not displaying advertisements? Gabriel Shaoolian, the author of this article thoroughly explains why it’s wrong.


The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing


Create an experience – that’s the first advice you’ll get from Brandon Gains  Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing. It sounds vague, i know, but believe me when i say that the article does makes it easy to understand.  “Products are consumed. Services are experienced.”



How to solve the measurement challenge of mobile


The next one is from the marketingweek.com. It discusses:

  • Cross-platform behaviour
  • Media buying strategies
  • Measurement techniques
  • Storytelling Approach
  • Data Analysis and optimisation
  • Insight and communication
  • And many more


Great read for any marketer!


Record UK Mobile Ad Spend: The Industry Reacts

In this one, bunch of specialist talk about record UK Mobile Ad Spend – what it means, what changes will it bring if any, and how can you benefit from them. For example Nigel Clarkson, managing director and country commercial director, Yahoo says:


We are not surprised to see a continued growth in mobile advertising revenues in 2015. As connected devices and data capabilities become increasing ‘mobile’, we are seeing increases in traffic to mobile devices, so it is logical that revenues will move that way too. Of particular interest to us is the continual growth of online video and native advertising. As a market leader in premium, in-stream native ad solutions, we are already seeing huge increases in demand for our multi-format, cross device native offering, which is a major driver of our mobile revenues.”


So how do you like APPmanago‘s set of TOP 5 marketing posts from 2016? Share your opions in the comments!