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Well prepared marketing campaign may result in a multiplied revenue, and busted brand image. Both market giants and micro companies are taking advantage of this fact. Marketing campaigns nowadays use multiple channels to reach the client, and the marketers appreciate the mobile channel more often than not.

The campaign made by Domino’s Pizza could serve as a good example illustrating a well-used mobile channel. The campaign takes advantage of the popularity of Twitter and emojis (pictograms used in electronic messages). After creating an account on Domino’s Pizza website, customers had an option to order a pizza with one message. Tweeted pizza emoji transformed into a real Italian delicacy, delivered to the indicated address. Clients loved this game, and the number of tweet orders reached 500 a day. The whole action had a huge outreach. People really wanted to take part mostly because of unusual ordering manner that accompanied the game.


Mobile marketing is an excellent opportunity for small and medium businesses. Learn how you can start using it.

  1. Use movies – Avoid typical advertising spots. Record yourself speaking about your company mission. Make it funny and familiar as though you were saying something to your friend. Link posted on your social media profile directing to the short clip on YouTube, Vine, or Dailymotion can reach the enormous number of viewers. Michael Dublin, the founder of Dollar Shave Club, uses this idea. You can watch his movie here.
  2. Give shoppers a reason to use mobile phones in stores – Why not have a special app, which makes shopping more fun? It can have bar code scanner or a possibility to snapshot an item and check its availability (or something similar) in your store.
  3. Use QR Codes – Quick Response codes can direct user into any place in the web, or show him some specific content. It provides various opportunities to present functionality of an item, show complementary product or service, or simply say „thank you for purchase” and „give” small gifts such as a vouchers or coupons. You can easily make QR codes for free on sites like
  4. Encourage customers to inform their friends about a visit in your store – Make social media work for you. You will take advantage of client recommendations and reach a much wider number of recipients. Some tattoo parlours organize Instagram contests where you can win tattoo voucher for posting a photo from a parlour taken on that day and tagged with proper hashtags.
  5. Take care of your customers’ convenience – Is your website viewable on every device? Appropriate adjustment of the website is worth considering, so all users can navigate it easily.
  6. Make your customers’ lives easier – Use push notifications to help users in their day-to-day life. Are you taking care of customers’ health? Remind them of prescription realisation, or remind daily of taking medications. You own travel agency? Help in preparations for the flight, so no one has to pack in a hurry. Mention about all important examinations, vaccination, and point out necessary personal items. Remember to have up-to-date information, so you can send important messages to adequate recipients. You can use Mobile Marketing Automation system to have your database updated.
  7. Send customers on a scavenger hunt – Why not combine all ideas above in one? If you have several locations, or a huge warehouse, try blending QR codes, push notifications, short films, or clues posted in social media to lead adventurers to hidden prizes.

Do you have any other ideas?