American series Mad Men is a treasure for marketers of all kinds. It takes place in the 60s in New York. Its central ‘point’ is Don Draper, a high-class expert in advertising, his colleagues, and acquaintances. The portray of changes that moved the American Society in the early 60s are also the essential part of the show. John Hamm’s character – Don Draper, is the blessed child of his era. He has it all – money, power, position, and women.

Saturday Night Live invited John Hamm to take part in their sketch “Don Draper’s guide to picking up women.” Before we skip to my modified version of this handbook, please watch the original version:

What are Don Draper’s teachings for all mobile marketers?


To say that Don advice to cut down on words is not enough. He recommends the absolute silence.

How to turn this advice into marketing success? I’m far from telling you not to communicate with users. I’d rather suggest a toned, yet perfectly tailored dialogue. Users appreciate succinct, personalized pushes. If you are interested in message personalization, feel free to read older articles like:

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If tl;dr, I’ll try to summarize it: plan the whole campaign ahead, so the notifications offer some value to the users instead of being annoying spam. Invest in tools that let you get to know your target behavior and expectations better. You can use surveys, white papres, mobile marketing automation platform, or combine them all. Avoid the notification flood, which could result in desensitization.


When asked about his family, Don gives the vague and mystrious answer. His statement cleared nothing and gave the interlocutor something to think of.

Lesson for you: don’t give your users everything on the plate. Instead, try to addres to her curiosity and innitiate a small exchange. Give an extra life for watching a commercial, and offer the educational content for contact details. The data collecting process was discussed in the article on the best onboarding practices.


In the sketch, poor Nathaniel Snurpus have zero chance with the office babes and Don Draper can make them do anything only by introducing himself.

Advice for a marketer: work on the recognizable and appropriate name for your app. A scheduling tool for a businessman can’t be named “Muffiny-Wuffiny-Calendarino”, and the art student will ignore “Another Boring Stuff Maker.” Knowing your target is also crucial in this case. If you know who you are addressing to, you can give your product a clickable name.


As a point, Don names all the virtues which make him so attractive in women’s eyes.

What to do with this advice? Follow the top players. Watch the hot trends and copy the actions that make the popular mobile campaigns recognizable. Read rankings of the best apps and games, make your conclusions and apply them to your actions. Try to adapt the solutions to your needs. Don’t plagiarize them.

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