Building the highest possible customer value in quickest time –  read the newest SALESmanago ebook!

Customer Value Marketing is a marketing strategy designed for B2C marketers built around the concept of customer value and marketing automation. Customer Value Marketing aims at building the highest value of a customer over time.

Customer Value Marketing is redefining traditional outbound marketing by the deployment of advanced methods of dynamic customer segmentation based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analytics, supported by behavioral (Digital Body Language) analytics used to create real-time multichannel structure of marketing automation processes along the whole customer lifecycle, from lead generation to bringing customer to most valuable segment and fostering long-term relationships.

From this ebook you’ll learn:

  • What the difference is between a B2B and B2C purchase process!
  • What is the common denominator of current marketing strategies!
  • How to use modern tools to maximize every customer’s value over time!
  • What RFM, DBL, and 360° have in common!

Our own concept of marketing strategy

“I love the idea of leading players to develop their own concepts for overall marketing strategies and promote as their own ideas that then drive the sales of their software. Engagement marketing – is a great concept aiming at such formulation of a strategy to make customers involved in what you do, to engage them during the purchase process. Inbound Marketing – huge marketing concept, that was formulated by Hubspot even before they knew what their software would be doing.

Those ideas and many others are serving the general idea of changing the status of marketer and marketing team within the company, as a way to provide more value to organizations. But can really engagement or inbound traffic be a mean to actually structure marketing process and measure the effect of marketer’s work? In some cases they can increase: email conversion, anonymous traffic conversion, banner conversion, etc. Yes, these parameters at the end of the day lead to increase in sales. No brainer here. But we have some other ideas about it.” says Greg Błażewicz – Founder & CEO of SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Our newest marketing philosophy answers these questions you should have about your potential client:

  • what affects his interest in the company
  • how many interactions with the company (email, chat, visit in the shop) she needs before deciding to make a purchase
  • purchase frequency
  • the average shopping cart value
  • how much time passes from customer’s the first visit on the website to the retention
  • what’s company’s USP distinguishing it from among thousands of others available on the market
  • how she reacts to your actions
  • whether she is a consumer or prosumer
  • moments of truth – zero, first and second
  • if someone recommended her the product or the company
  • will she recommend the  product or the company
  • whether she has an account in social networks
  • how her newsfeed in these portals looks like
  • whether she uses the Adblock
  • which search engine she uses
  • what is the operating system on her mobile device
  • how old is she
  • what are her preferences and lifestyle as a consumer
  • how many communication channels she uses
  • etc.

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