Here it goes, our newest read on of the most important topic in Mobile Marketing Automation – Push Notifications. With possibilities that they provide you cannot allow yourself to misuse them. Fortunately it will be easier after you read our ebook

Statistics show both the huge potential and the risks associated with mismanagement of marketing in the mobile channel. 80% of Internet users have a smartphone, and almost half of 16-24-year-olds prefer mobile devices over laptops. Only a third of this age group indicates laptops as favorite devices (Global Web Index). 24% of consumers will check a company online after seeing a mobile ad (Millward Brown), and up to 26% of them starts their mobile research with branded app (Smart Insights). On the other hand, as much as 90% of apps is being uninstalled after the single launch.

Thus the question arises – to make or not to make a mobile application. Many people find it hard to give a clear answer, but we say: to make, and we are pretty convinced we are right. However, we put it several conditions to this answer.

First of all, the app has to have a purpose. Creating an app for app’s sake is a meaningless activity which often generates great success in the short time after its launch, but more than often end at that. On the other hand, the app that is well-considered and created according to defined marketing goals has a bigger chance for commercial success, enhancing company’s position, and completing marketing strategy with the mobile channel.

Secondly, similar to many planned marketing actions, also mobile campaigns have to be monitored and optimized. How else will you know whether your target group likes sent notifications and emails? Maybe they react in the opposite way to the one described in the scenario, or their activity doesn’t find confirmation in conversions?

Thirdly, you must learn the marketing tools assigned to mobile apps, their functions, and the possibilities they open for marketers. For example, do you know which message should you send to re-engage the user in your app, and which one choose to interest a person who already uninstalled the app?

For all of you who have already invested in a mobile app, and for those who consider such an investment we have prepared a fair and dependable guide on push notifications. Push notifications, despite their apparent simplicity, are very powerful marketing tools. More than 50% of users opt-in to receive them and 70% of them considered notifications to be very useful. When planning your marketing efforts, you should remember to create a broad strategy for push notifications. The ebook contains a lot of useful information on the creation and use of push notifications.

You will learn:

  • how to create a push notification
  • what the different types of notification are for
  • how to effectively use pushes to reactivate users
  • how other companies have improved their results by using notifications.