Perhaps you have visited once the playground that resounded with children’ laughs. Maybe you have observed how a youngster tries to tie a shoe or eat a dinner by herself. This 5-year-old is vigorous and friendly. She starts to learn how to be independent. Her parents are still the center of her universe. She is eager to learn new things. The best way to teach her is through play.

It is possible that you own a smartphone. If so – you probably use some apps. Take a look at some of below child’s traits with me. You will see that you can describe mobile applications with the same characteristics. Pay attention to the differences between them as well!


Trait: Gross motor skills – all body efficiency

5-year-olds: they are very active by nature. They climb the monkey bars, they chase each other around the playground and shout barbarically at other kids. They love to play. Games are the easiest way to persuade them to do something.

Apps: they are constantly moving. They keep users company all the time: at play, at work, during the rest time. They often use the gamization mechanism to make the user interact with them.  

But: apps usually don’t play with the other apps. They prefer to draw their users’ attention.

Tip: If you own a mobile application, use the fact, that you also own your customer attention while she uses the app!


Trait: Fine motor skills – hands efficiency

5-year-olds: can draw, color and cut out. At this age they develop movement precision and learn useful skills such as: brushing their hair and teeth, and how to tie a shoe. They are paying attention to each of these activities separately

Apps: they can color also  🙂 Apps perform (with every forthcoming update better and better) specific sets of actions. They may edit the text, embellish photo and share it in social media or organize the shopping list. The best apps don’t try to run after two rabbits, and they focus on the specific set of functionalities.

But: Sometimes it’s good to expand the functionalities of an app by, for example, integrating it with social media. It allows you to use the multiple channels to reach your customer.

Tip: Always listen to the users’ feedback. It may be a direct opinion on your website, it may be in-app action. Upgrade your app by the acquired knowledge – throw out the unnecessary functions and add new options if needed.


Trait: Attention

5-year-olds: they get distracted easily. They react to the strong stimuli, and their attention is drowned to a subject, which is more interesting at this particular moment.

Apps: react for the specific orders: “Make a photo”, “Add the filter”, “Share”. They focus on one task at a time.

But: with kids you should support multitasking development, but with apps, it’s better to improve the performance of their flag functions.

Tip: Check which function of your app is used most often (you can use the analysis of mostly used app modules from mobile marketing automation system) and work to upgrade it. Treat other functions as the accessories and ornaments.


Trait: Memory

5-year-olds: they remember things involuntarily instead of consciously. They focus on the information that concern them directly. Their memory is as good as their seeing, talking and hearing skills.

Apps: offer access to many demographic and behavioral data points. Although if not programmed properly or integrated with CRM platform, they acquire data “involuntarily” – the data will be chaotic and not-so-useful.

But: apps can be helped. They can “learn” to remember sets of information which will deliver  data necessary to build behavioral profiles of the customers.

Tip: Implement the CRM for mobile, which will help you to manage the relations with your clients.


Trait: Communication

5-year-olds: they speak pretty clearly, and can build complete phrases. They can explain the situation to a bystander.

Apps: let you send messages to the customers via push notifications, in-app messages, and emails.

But: poorly programmed apps may act like 2-year-old that loudly demands your attention in the middle of the night, during the bath, on the family meeting and so on… Moreover, she does it not only unclearly but also really stubbornly.

Tip: About the perfect message we wrote here.


Last but not least you should know that 5-year-olds can care about their friends. The same applies to apps. They should nourish the long-term relations, keep their “friends” engaged, and help them in various situations.

What kind of experience in working with apps do you have? Would you compare them with kids or quite the contrary? Share with us in the comment section!