It’s Christmas time! – And yes, you can finally eat all you want without feeling guilty about it. Feel free to eat some of that delicious cakes you have prepared with your family or friends, sit down and read our newest post on APPmanago  mobile marketing automation blog.


This time we have prepared an interesting infographic on what you have perhaps done, and if not – please leave it that way. What we mean by this is sending Christmas wishes. You probably think – ‘How can sending wishes be wrong?’


Well apparently, it can. If the process of sending wishes seems similar to this:
– selecting generic stock Christmas picture
– opening the database
– selecting “Everyone” as the recipient
You need to stop immediately! Your clients probably receive hundreds of such messages, and they just don’t care for another one. Unless you want your messages to be put into spam folder – which will result in limiting your means of communication with clients – do not do it.


Read our infographic, and learn what can you send instead!