Customers of which brand are the biggest mobile spenders? Samsung, Sony? Maybe Nokia? No, you know it’s not true… What is the most expensive, most commonly known brand there is? It has to be Apple which has over 40% share of the U.S. smartphone Market.







What is it about this company that about 89% of mobile purchases are made by iPad users? Their stuff is not cheap, let’s begin with that. It is possible that iPad users represent the more wealthy spectrum of society, which of course mean that they spend more!




But what does that mean for mobile marketing? How can you, as someone dealing with mobile e-commerce, use this information for your advantage?



Here are few tips:


  • When you release an app, be sure to also release an iOS version of it on Apple Store
  • Consider the fact that iPad’s screen is big. Your app needs to look well aesthetically even on greater resolutions.
  • Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, that’s a standard, but take it a step further, make it iPad friendly.


When speaking of an apps you could not possibly forget APPmanago, helping you to personalize the push notifcations which are one of the most contributing factors to clients making a purchase by mobile device!

Infographic: Mobile Shopping in the United States | Statista
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