Make Marketing Great Again! – What Can We Learn About Marketing From Donald Trump

One of many Donald Trump memes – this one featuring Donald Trump as Pepe the frog


Who is Donald Trump? – These days it’s not a question anybody would ask, because everyone knows the answer. He is an American businessman, politician, and current President-elect of the United States, scheduled to be sworn in as the president on January 2017. He has taken media by storm. Facebook, Twitter, TV, heck, even 9gag is full of Donald Trump memes.


The question that we are asking – what are the factors that contributed to him being famous (or maybe rather infamous?). Crazy tactics or great supervisors? Maybe neither?

Now, when he is the president – elect of the USA, we finally take a closer look at what made his success possible.


Be Loud 

Donald Trump is big, whether in his posture, words or actions. His body language is open and confident, sometimes even quite offensive. Wide gestures and obvious face expressions contribute to him being very influential person – whether we like it or not, some studies proved that parts of a monkey’s brain responsible for motor skills are being activated by just watching a human move around (while the monkey wasn’t moving at all). The scientists learned that your brain perceives observing someone else doing something as actually doing it yourself! This means that if we look over at someone who is smiling, you will feel happiness and other emotions associated with smiling. How could you use it in marketing? Put some effort into making your brand’s image loud and influential – just like Trump. It should be able to cause positive emotions. For example, try learning about color psychology when designing your website.


Use every opportunity to gain renown.


There is a saying going like this – there is no such thing as bad publicity. When we think about Donald Trump we certainly can say it’s true – he is one of the most controversial, most talked about human being on the planet earth right now. But as we can read writes:

“The idea that no publicity can do harm is clearly open to question. For someone seeking notoriety and a somewhat scandalous reputation, like Marie Lloyd and Mae West in days gone by, or Paris Hilton in our era, that may be true. The shareholders of BP and Toyota, which have both suffered falls in their market price due to worldwide publicizing of their recent difficulties, may feel differently.“

Then maybe let’s modify this saying a little bit –

“All publicity is good if it is intelligent.”

Some controversy may be good if used wisely.

Speaking of controversy:

Turn criticism to an opportunity of defending yourself.

Donald Trump has great amount of supporters, but the number of haters seems to be just as big. But when life gives him lemons he turns them into money making machine. He does the same with haters. Competitors and brand haters, not only bring publicity, but they give the opportunity to defend your brand, company or product, taking a stand for your work. The other thing is that you should very carefully listen to their criticisms and feedback. It’s shocking how much valuable insight you can learn from the people who hate you the most. Quite often, they are in fact giving you the keys to further improvement by telling you exactly what you need to work on.

Controversy makes things interesting!


Follow your followers


Social medias have huge power. Donald Trump has over 5M likes on his Facebook page, 5M Twitter followers, and 750K on Instagram. Connecting with younger demographic is much more efficient when using the internet and social media as a tool of communication.



Donald Trump wants to make America great again.  Here at APPmanago we want the same but with marketing!