Social media consume a lot of our time. An average Jane Q. Public spends almost 2 hours daily to skim the newsfeed (Global Web Index). This number grows if we talk about persons whose work requires using multiple social platforms, for example, digital marketers. Mostly they use Facebook, but also Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest. Those platforms have a special meaning for mobile app marketing: they build user’s engagement and help acquire new leads. They also have the dark side. You’re balancing on the edge. One step and you fall into an infinite technicolor vortex of important news. And why is that?



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What happens in popular networks every minute?


There are 72 hours of new videos uploaded on YouTube
There are 3472 new pins on Pinterest
There are 216 000 new photos on Instagram
There are 277 000 new tweets on Twitter
There are 2 460 000 content pieces shared on Facebook.


Impressive, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to jump in this stream of free kaleidoscope-like experience? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the prime suspect. We consume information at the warp speed – rather skimming than reading. It’s not without reason that the main pages (news feed) resemble the endless column of world’s prettiest and most interesting newspaper. Already-mentioned FOMO syndrome often hits during news scanning. It screams: “You are just one scroll away from the life-changing headline.”


Not everybody can perfectly distinguish the working time from the private time and ignore this whispering. Plus, if you can legally browse FB, you have a perfect reason to stay there a little longer than your work actually requires. You create the illusion of productivity in your mind. In the real life – you are just wasting time.


What are the best social media ninjas tricks and tools?


  1. Schedule time for work in social media. Let’s be honest – running company’s social media profile isn’t a rocket science. It doesn’t take THAT much time. Measure how many minutes daily you spend maintaining profiles, add a small reserve and put it in your everyday routine. Stick to that schedule – bearing in mind the remaining time you’ll find the strength to resist the temptation of “Funny Pug On the Trampoline.”
  2. Aggregate work and segment it by topic. While completing one task, you can prepare some materials to complete another. For example, posting a status update on Facebook, you can cut it and also post on Twitter. Another one: while creating a micro-content for your blog, you can make something pretty also for Pinterest. Try to segment your work by theme, so you don’t have to make the same task twice.
  3. Stay up-to-date. Social media require constant updating. Nonetheless, you can’t follow then 24/7. Set the relevant alerts, use RSS readers, like Feedly and check Buzzsumo (it will tell you what’s Hot in the last 24 hours, 7 days, month, etc.).
  4. Automate as much as you can. You can prepare the whole daily package of tweets during one scheduled session. To avoid spamming, use Internet’s bliss. There are so many smart tools that will do your job for you. Here are some of them:
  • Buffer: the absolute basis of social media posting and scheduling. Besides the long-term planning, it allows the analysis of your performance.
  • Hootsuite: suitable for more than 30 networking channels. It plans, analyses and eases working in groups.
  • SocialOomph: a simple, yet useful tool. It can queue and schedule posts. Another benefit – it’s free.
  • Zapier:If-This-Then-That rules wizard. It will help you integrate multiple channels, and automate updates in accordance with your activity in one of the networks.
  • APPmanago: If you manage a mobile app, this smart mobile marketing automation platform will segment your users and send update notifications to whom it may concern. Moreover, you can integrate it with SALESmanago.
  • SALESmanago: it not only manages the database but also integrates Facebook Ads with automation processes.
  • Fast Tony: great Facebook campaign management tool. Lets you use various data to personalize Facebook ads. Also integrated with SALESmanago. We’re done with manual Lead Generation Forms data import!
  • Nuzzel: sorts and arranges the content published by your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media can be the valuable source of new leads and the engagement building machine. You must remember though to not to spread yourself too thin and keep the discipline. Bear in mind, that you can delegate many of your tasks to smart systems, so you have no longer excuses to waste your time on social media.


What would you add?