Register on our platform – complete the course and get SALESmanago Marketing Automation Specialist certificate! Yes, it’s not “a prank, bro”, the certificate is a real deal.  Our team have had put great amount of work to prepare SALESmanago E-Learning platform

As you can read on SALESmanago blog:


We have great news for you. Over the past few weeks, we have worked like buzzy bees on the launch of a stand-alone e-learning platform. And there you have it! 10 concise, full of information, thematic lessons. Each of them ends with a 10-question test.

When you click on a particular lesson you’ll be redirected to the sub, where you will find the following elements:

  • Title of the lesson
  • General overview
  • The list of the main topics
  • Educational movies/presentations – step-by-step tutorial on how to implement features
  • Extras
  • Dictionary in which we explain marketing terms
  • FAQ
  • Test – 10 questions to evaluate how well did you learn the lesson. You have the unlimited number of trials!

On the right you’ll find the following buttons:

  • Lessons
  • Guidelines
  • Your results – results of all solved tests
  • Go to blog
  • Support – the button redirects you to where you will find useful technical information and detailed instructions for using each available feature.
  • Last changes – information about newest changes and upgrades
  • Summarizing test – It contains 100 questions about SALESmanago Marketing Automation. 1 question = 1 point. The test can be solved only once. Resolution time is limited and is exactly 1 hour. You better prepare for it, because if you obtain a result of 90 points and above you can receive a free SALESmanago Marketing Automation Specialist certificate.


In order to pre-empt any possible doubts, we inform you that the questions of the test are based on the materials presented on the e-learning platform. If you go through all 10 lessons – the final test should not cause you any problems.


If you have questions about the e-learning platform SALESmanago, please contact us: