appmanago-pokemon-go-appIn just a few days after its world premiere, this game has a bigger fanbase than Tinder or Twitter. The value of shares of Nintendo Co. rose during the week by more than 71%. Some commercial premises have recorded a 75% increase in the number of customers, and while walking along the streets, the whole families can be seen strolling phone in their hands.
Analysts and marketers also noticed the subsidies standing behind the success of Pokémon Go. By marking some of the important points on the map, we get the opportunity to attract players or potential customers. It’s only a matter of time before companies will leverage CRM for mobile apps to analyze movement with the tools mobile analytics, so they make a good use of location-based ads, and personalized real-time communication.

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So what is the phenomena of this viral marketing genius? Here are several answers!


  1. The multi-generational brand
    It’s not a mystery that using popular and globally distinguishable brand is a straight route to success. The creator of Pokémon Go knew it also. The awareness of the brand means customer loyalty. And there’s no doubt, that those players are truly devoted. But Pokémon is not only a game but also anime, movies, toys or books and what stays behind – a whole franchise!
  2. …and the users activation
    It’s finally a summer. For every dedicated gamer, it means the entertainment industry outage with the new premieres until September crawls ‘in da house.’  Long days and warm nights are the perfect motivation to leave the house and look what kind of Pokémon is hidden in a nearby neighborhood or ancient monument. In the times when social campaigns yell about the negative health effects of the internet addiction, we did not leave the smartphones but stood up from the couch and went out for a walk with them. And also it took the form of rivalry. Users are putting their Endomondo app on and surpassing in the quantity of walked distance.
  3. …and the simplicity of the game
    What else contributed to the success of an application that has been downloaded more than 15 million times and became a hit like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga or Flappy Bird? Its simplicity. You will not find complicated missions, challenging jigsaws in it,  and also the app does not require specialized equipment. Just a smartphone with a long-life battery and you can keep track, catch, fight battles and train your Pokémons in the real conditions. For such a mass products as Pokémon Go, it is the sufficient minimum and the absolute maximum for success.
  4. ..and the 90s nostalgy
    Fashion for the 90s has been going on for several seasons and became something more than just clothes. A generation brought up at that time began to recall their childhood, when access to the electronics was highly limited. Pokémon Go is the perfect book-of-memories resembling the 151 creatures for which we run like crazy from school just to watch another episode. And that remembrance of the head 90s’ brand has generated this enormous Poké-hype.
  5. … and the viral hype
    The marketing success of this game is based mostly on the viral effect. Every active Social Media user arranges a situation in which the regular or potential players distribute the information among themselves and their friends. They just want to boast current activities. It wasn’t different with Pokémon Go. Undoubtedly, there were hundreds of posts and memes with current achievements on everyone’s Facebook wall. With this simple trick, developers managed to reach audiences all around the world in just a week.
  6. …and the gamification
    We all love games:  acquiring items, defeating enemies, mission completing – it’s the main engine that forces users to play. And what if it’s gonna be mixed with the element of competitions, rankings, and rewards for completed quests? It results in a mechanism called gamification which significantly increases players’ engagement. In the era of raging competition and lots of young start-ups, such involvement is highly significant. That’s why they are placed on a very top of the curve of new technologies’ life cycle.
  7. …and the geo ka-ching!
    Some days ago we used to play outdoor games, then we moved to the virtual world. Pokémon Go offered us something that no other game did before. They coupled real city map with the virtual abstraction. Frankly speaking, there were several attempts to use the environment for having fun, for instance, we need to mention the “Zombies, Run!” where the running gamification was inspired by a potential zombie apocalypse.

But Pokémon Go is not only a great success regarding the users, but also a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to succeed and who are right now getting benefits from the appearance of the Pokémon in their premises. Buying a virtual decoy is an additional attraction for customers. Therefore, developers already considered introducing the fees for sponsoring specific locations so that they can be found on the game’s map. The most attractive for businesses are Pokéstops, where you can find free items for the game and Pokégyms, where you can train your Pokémon and fight with the others. The best part is the investor is going to pay only in a situation when some of the Pokémon Go users will visit their premises or shop.

Did you catch them all?

Author: Anna Wadolek

Source: The guardian, SpidersWeb