SALESmanago Marketing Automation presents a module that integrates Facebook Ads with Marketing Automation processes directly. By using complete behavioral and transactional profiles, marketers can reach customers and groups of customers in a more precise, automated and efficient way. It’s one of the first solutions of this kind in the world.

The integration was designed to address the gap in marketers’ approach to social media: while most of them use Facebook for marketing, only 45% believe that their Facebook efforts are effective (2015 Social Media Examiner Study).

This SALESmanago solution combines Facebook Custom Audiences and a smart system of automated contact management. Automation of ad display or post boosting can be tied to any data gathered in SALESmanago, like intelligence about user website behavior, stage of the sales campaign of which a lead is at, or external events, such as contacting salespeople or customer service.

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“The analysis of competition and marketers’ needs led us to the conclusion that simple integrations with Facebook Ads are not enough. That’s why we developed a feature that allows automation of Facebook ads and includes them in one-to-one communication”, says Katarzyna Rejdych, Product Analyst, SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

You can build the whole process and creations in SALESmanago, without a need to switch to Facebook Ads panel. In the system you will also find complete analytics of social media marketing actions.


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About SALESmanago

SALESmanago is a cloud based online marketing automation platform used by over 5,000 companies all over the world that manage databases of over 200 million customers. Using the power of real-time website and mobile application behavior analysis SALESmanago enables clients to fully personalize e-mail marketing, dynamic website content, social media (via Facebook Custom Audiences) and mobile marketing (push and in-app messages). The company is ranked as one of top marketing automation platforms globally by Datanyze. Venturebeat ranks SALESmanago as a global leader of marketing automation for B2C and SMB segment. SALESmanago is based in Krakow (Poland) and has offices and subsidiaries in New York, London and Bangalore.


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