I won’t lie – I’m a crazy-dog-lady and a dog lover for life. My daily schedule is pooch-centered. Her grey nose is the best cure for November Blues or any other weltschmerz. I always join the ritual of pet photo swiping, and I can spend hours discussing training techniques, feeding strategies, veterinarian opinions or pet shop sales.


I enjoy watching how the market of apps for dog lovers grows day by day. I have already told you about my app-testing habit. It also applies to the themed ones. High level of personalization possible with mobile marketing automation tools and app gamization are the common denominator of my favorite testing products. My smartphone has a limited capacity, so the apps have to be useful (or, at least, hilarious) and pleasant to look upon if they are here to stay.

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Here’s my subjective “The Best Of… Dog Lover Apps.”

Dog Walks

MapMyDogWalk – Every dedicated pet owner wants her pooch to be fit. Walking the dog is one of the nicest kinds of the dog-owner time. MapMyDogWalk monitors and saves all tracks. Moreover, it keeps all activities parameters, suggests nearest dog parks and marks the pet-friendly restaurants as pins on a map. This an absolute must-have (Android, iOS).

BriskNow – A little bit more than just a walking app – it’s the whole dog owners and pet lovers community. It allows you to set a dog-walking date, “borrow” a tail-wagger for a while or to find a pet sitter for your pooch(Android).

Tagg – If your Fido likes to wander around without your knowledge, you should instal Tagg immediately. It is a combination of a GPS attached to a Fido’s collar and monitoring app. The application alarms when your dog runs out of your property, and it tracks his position.

WoofTrax – A combination of charity and pleasure. WoofTrax donates money to animal organizations any time you walk your pet friend. The charity has never been so easy.

Dog Health

Pet Diary – Electronic pet health file, activity and expenses tracker and also photo album for the most significant moments of puppy’s life. The crown functionality is to remind pet owner about vaccination and other medical procedures dates with a series of different alarms (Android, iOS).

iKibble Free – If your pup reminds mine (furry, omnivorous hoover packed with love), install this app immediately! Some foods (like raisins, onion or chocolate) might be poisonous for a little friend. iKibble Free informs you how persistent you should be while getting your vet out of the bed in the middle of the night.

PetFirstAid – American Red Cross released some apps. The one about Firs Aid for humans was mentioned here. PetFirstAid provides pet owners with high-class information on how to help a pet when the emergency occurred. It also describes the alarming signals, so you react faster when something happens.

DogiDuty – Sometimes you have to go on a business trip and have no one to leave your pet with. The perfect solution is to hire a pet sitter – a person who will walk a pooch, feed her, provide her with the fresh water and play with her. If you react to the separation like a new parent, use DogiDuty, the app that will send you daily report on your dog activities [EDIT: The app is no longer available on iTunes, but you should search for the alternatives]

Dog Training

Dog Tricks – Dog tricks learning goes best in the bite size servings. Every session should end with success. Often made 5-10 minute sessions are the best solution. It is also great opportunity to launch an app and introduce some new tricks.

Dog Whistle – It’s a whistle that only dogs can hear her. It produces the sound of a very high frequencies. It helps to train your furry friend and call her without making your throat sore. The smartphone is this kind of artifact we want to carry everywhere in case of emergency. It is already an agenda, a flashlight, so why not something simple like a whistle (Android, iOS).

52 Dog Training Tricks – Another trick-learning app. Cool list of helpful tips (Android).

Clicker Training – Clicker training is getting more and more popular. If your mongrel likes that kind of training, you should get this app as soon as possible. You’ll always have a clicker in your pouch (Android, iOS).

Dog socialization

Tindog – Tinder for dogs and their parents. Quick finder of pet buddies for your furry friend. Spoiler alert: You’ll also find other dog freaks! Tindog works similarly to Tinder.

Dog Park Assistant – There are chasing dogs and bully dogs. Tug-o-war lovers and hole diggers. One of them loves to play, others enjoy grass sniffing. Dog Park Assistant will identify dog behavior for you, and also classify it by its alertness. You can also upload a video with tail wagger’s behavior and receive professional tips, or just update her profile (iOS).

DogWays – A complex social app to set up dog dates, create and attend dog events and to find dog buddies.

BarkCam – If your FB wall and Instagram are one big photo album with pup’s photos, switch to the BarkCam. These users are waiting for Fido’s pics with anticipation.

BONUS: Dogscellaneous

BarkBuddy – Another Tinder’s clone, but this one is for people who want give a canine friend a forever home. I applaud this initiative with all my hands (and my dog’s paws).

Weather Puppy – Weather forecast. Any aura phenomenon is portrayed by a different cute bowwow. Even cold November rain can be nice with this kind of tool.

Dog-A-Log – Dog breed knowledge compendium inside the aesthetic app (iOS).

Animals of LoL – There’s no better way to start the day than to see a cute bulldog who should work as an entertainer. Animals of LoL brings you a daily dose of funny and cute pets with accurate captions (Android, iOS).


Would you like to add something to the list? Or maybe share your pup’s pic!