Sit down traveler, relax and listen to a story of mine. A story of courage, creativity, and hard work. Story about a certain hero.


All of it began a long time ago, in a far far away land. The Kingdom of Mobile Marketing rose through the efforts of its residents, the Marketers. The Golden Era began.


But beautiful things always pass, for such is the circle of life. Greed and laziness started to rule the hearts of some part of the population, and from the darkness of their hearts, evil beasts were born. The beasts had names, but its foul language forbids me from speaking them out aloud. With them around, a plague of spamming, greed, not personalized message, roamed the land. The Dark Ages began.


Inhuman call centers… Bulk SMS sending… Horrors of mobile marketing such as these tormented the companies, cities of the Marketing Kingdom, for far too long… They needed to be put into eternal rest. But what company will be able to perform such heroic task? Who will be able to save the kingdom of Mobile Marketing? Listen carefully; you’ll hear for yourself. I was there where it all ended.


At that time I was in Benhauer – one of the only villages that grew quite prosperous in these tough times.
One day I heard crowd gathering at the village center. Marketers were murmuring about something; shocked expressions present on everyone’s face.


The voices grew louder, and someone started screaming!
Someone was at the center.


Yes, I could see it clear – It’s the bravest warrior of the Benhauer village, APPmanago. Before it, I saw the carcasses of bad, clumsy mobile marketing monsters. Dark clouds slowly began to disappear, as the light starts to pierce through them. Now marketers could enjoy peace again; APPmanago has put an end to the evil.


But people start asking, how did APPmanago win? With what weapon were the beasts slain? Some of them even doubted the truth laying before them.


A boy, out of breath as he was, eyes wide with excitement, came running towards the group marketers. He says he saw everything. See it, I’ve written it down below, in a manuscript called APPmanago Product Profile