Relax, have a cup of tee and read top articles about mobile marketing world - June 2016 edition

Relax, have a cup of tee and read top articles about mobile marketing world – June 2016 edition

“Messaging is at the heart of mobile. And it’s increasingly a visual conversation.” – said Mark Brill, senior lecturer in future media. June was full of surprising announcements and shocking statements. Hot topics: Money, Location, Health, The Rise and Fall of App’s Reign, Safety, and Future of Mobile. Let’s read some articles, shall we?


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Is location the hottest topic in digital marketing?


Local businesses, Trump/ Clinton Elections, Traffic. Those three things showed the world how important is to use location intelligence and to explore this Eldorado of data. In times when 92 percent of US retail sales happen in physical stores , bazillions of dollars are spent offline. To reconcile online and offline, companies have to focus on local awareness and local campaigns.  


Who will get richer with Apple’s new app store ads?


Are you curiouse too? Read the whole article!


Health issues 


Students are our future. Some of them created mHealth app designed to ease first aid while it comes to mental health issues.


The Fall 


Recode announces that the app boom is over. Our smartphones are full of apps, and we’re done with downloading the new ones (unless they are a real gem). The market is oversaturated, and we’re not sure it can contain more.


The Rise 


While one of the publishers doomsays the fall of apps’ market, others praise their glory and inform that the government plans to establish mobile game and app development academies.


The Trends 

Videos and content. Social Media and Mobile over the desktop. What will rock on the online marketing backyard?


The Future


Mobile First rule today’s digital marketing. Mobile searches are the biggest pool to win. Apps and micro-moments overtook the browsers, and every serious marketer must know how to leverage them.




Apps aren’t only about fun and navigation. Some of them are actually helpful and useful. This South African app helps people to gain control of their personal safety without help from police or government employees.


Real life experience


We like to read how the solutions work in the real life. Econsultancy gathered 12 examples of mobile user experience, so others can root their actions in the solid data.




The last one on our list is the collection of inspirational quotes from the Future of Digital Marketing 2016.


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