Turn off the inbox for 30 minutes, and read some mobile marketing news

Turn off the inbox for 30 minutes, and read some mobile marketing news

End of the month = press review. What buzzed in a busy mobile marketing world? This month’s hotties were Google news. Also, widely discussed were social media, apps like Instagram or Snapchat, and mobile-dedicated ads. Let’s review some press!






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Who (and how) advertises on Snapchat?

Snapchat is still a Terra Incognita for many digital marketers. This article gives us a fascinating insight into top players methods used to rock this evanescent app.


Instagram’s new logo

Though it might seem trivial, Instagram’s new icon is widely discussed in social media and stirs up strong passion. Cliff Kuang takes a look at the colorful pictogram and tries to highlight and explain its creators’ idea.


How to monetize telco data?

The german-originated startup, Zeotap, found a new way to target mobile ads. By signing agreements with telecom operators, it helps advertisers to tailor their content to users’ profiles. One of their biggest deals was the one with Mercedes – Benz.


NOKIA’s back in play

Years after being declassed by Apple and Samsung, Finnish producer declares the game to be afoot. NOKIA decided to engage the new player – HDM company that is supposed to produce devices under NOKIA’s flag. The ex-giant plans to rule users’ hearts again.


Mobile Revolution in Marketing Automation world

The modern consumer starts his buyer journey from brand and product research and uses mobile devices to do it. Starting form a very wide perspective, they narrowing it step-by-step. On their way, they leave multiple digital footprints – easy to track and, when properly categorized, perfect to complete the virtual behavioral profile. And that’s the reason why CRM for mobile and Marketing automation software are an unbeatable combo.


5 tips: do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing automation

Effective mobile marketing automation implementation requires applying few rules. Here you’ll find an essence of those standards. Simplifying – do’s and don’ts of MMA.


Handful of mobile-local stats

Statistics help in getting the goals in order. You should stay up-to-date with market research. Mobility goes with locality, so those 10 essential facts may become very handy.


How to translate marketing automation know-how to the mobile app market?

Marketing mobile and desktop are not equal, yet some good practices from traditional marketing can be translated into mobile language. Learn how to do it.

Google news


Google will ban sneaky websites

To keep mobile users safe, Google declares a “war” with websites sneaky redirecting users to spamming domains. Well… It’s about time!


Up to 20% of mobile searches is vocal – says Google

Lifestyle change enforces change in habits. Not only the majority of Google searches is mobile, but also a number of voice searches grows. It requires modification of browser mechanisms, so they support this fashion.


Meet Google assistant

California giant announced he created his own assistant. Notice: not “Google Assistant” but Google assistant. It’s rather a conversational search supporting platform, rather than a bot, app or a separate device. It even doesn’t require a keyboard. Will it revolutionize the browser market? And what does it mean for mobile owners?


New age of mobile ads

How to set one AdWords campaign, so it adjusts to multiple devices – mobile and desktop? Read Google’s answer!


Be mobile-friendly, or prepare for mobilegeddon

It’s not a secret that Google favors mobile-friendly websites. According to their statement, May 2016 is the month, when they launch an algorithm rewarding mobile and tablet friendly websites.


New travel app by Google 

Travel history registering, planning new ones, flight booking, hotel reservation, meals schedule, arranging field trips and many more – all these features are combined in the new Google app – Trips. It is integrated with Google Calendar and Google Now. In my opinion, it might become number one this holiday season.


BONUS: Get paid for a selfie

Imagine an app that orders a specific selfie. Sometimes it wants a small product placement, sometimes it don’t. And it PAYS you for it! If you like this vision – read about the app made to stand between users and producers and pay for UGC (user generated content).


10 trending hashtags:

#방탄소년단 – (Bangtan Boys)









#トレクル (One Piece)


Enjoy reading!