The beginning of a new year is a perfect time for people to start committing to the resolutions they just had. It is obviously not always easy (but always worth it!) to follow your dreams and achieve all set goals, hence we are coming upfront to those who would like to keep themselves updated with the latest news on mobile marketing. Here are the 5 most recent posts!

  1. Numbers of Apple

Let’s start with some statistics, as it is for the numbers and digits to best depict the results and help with setting up the target we aim for. Here’s a list of 50 facts about Apple. Some will surely surprise you so don’t hesitate and start reading!


  1. Glide with the eagles

The inspiration should be derived from the best players. Let’s have a closer look, then, at the company with the bitten apple logo. This firm not only has a very good quality product to offer. The key to success is analyzing the needs and expectations of the client as well as the “no” answer. Apple monitors a variety of transactional behaviors and meets their clients upfront. A comprehensive environmental analysis is always the base of their marketing activities. And we all know the effects of their job…


  1. Become a trendsetter in mobile marketing

You will find a few valuable pieces of advice in the next post, that will help you get a few steps ahead of the competition which never sleeps. Most of the companies are convinced that the strategies including mobile applications work for them at least just as well as those of other companies. The truth is, however, that by not moving forward, you allow everyone else who IS moving to overtake you. Get ahead of the trends instead of blindly following them. Find out what you can do to make your mobile strategies the most efficient.


  1. Overview of top players

You cannot miss on the highest-praised campaigns. This post contains a table of 74 top firms from this year along with their basic data & facts.


  1. Practical tips – case studies

Last, but not the least, is a post, that will show you a list of 10 efficient marketing activities. Get inspired! Read stories of people who managed to draw client’s attention thanks to creative brand promotion.



There are always two ends to a stick, though. Unfortunately, not every idea is brilliant, and hence, not every penny spent on marketing & advertisement comes back multiplied. How to avoid mistakes, then? The answer on what strategies should not be used in order to still call your actions intelligent and that they bring tangible benefits is below:  


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