SALESmanago Marketing Automation is one of the largest marketing automation platforms, used by over 4500 companies around the world. System identifies your website visitors and monitors their behavior, building complex behavioral and transactional profiles of every individual contact from your clients database. Based on this data, the system realize automatic marketing processes in all marketing channels:

  • e-mail marketing
  • dynamic website content
  • social media
  • avertising networks
  • call center / POS

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Thanks to the integration of both systems, marketers are receiving access to the even more detailed customer profile, built based on his web page behavior, transactional data, behavior in mobile applications, smartphone/mobile device behavior, and even geolocation. Then it can be used for the automatic dispatch of personalized content and offers using all possible marketing channels.


Examples of use:

  • Use the information about users segmentation from APPmanago to display dynamic content on your website and to target automated adverts in the advertising network.
  • Fill in the behavioral profile of SALESmanago user with data from you mobile app and use them to automate processes held in SALESmanago (e.g. start the process of Lead Nurturing for each new user of your mobile application)
  • Start displaying adverts in your advertising network for inactive users of your app.



We’ve invested in omnichannel. As we’ve already said in Omnichannel: What Is It And Should You Be Interested? Our Answer To This Is YES:

“(…)omnichannel will be considered as the integration of psychical (offline) and digital(online) channels to offer your customers better, unified and seamless experience. In other words, it is a cross-channel business model that companies use to improve customer experience. But the question is, how does it work?

To understand this, we need to have a clear look at omnichannel’s target, which is increasing the possible means of interaction of the seller (or company, let’s call it service/product provider) with client/buyer, with the help of countless integrated channels. Every one of them being the best quality possible, by the way. You want to combine retail stores, online shop, webpage, social medias, mobile devices, emails – literally every possible way of communication.”

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“We wanted to create a tool that will help marketers to go beyond the measures of just installing the application and enable them to engage mobile app users on much deeper level. Through the integration of traditional marketing  automation  system with APPmanago Mobile Marketing Automation Platform we are one of the few marketing automation platforms in the world fully ready to do mobile revolution “– says Grzegorz Błażewicz, CEO and founder of Benhauer

“We see a huge change in the way customers buy products and services. If ten years ago a similar change in consumer behavior was associated with the increasing penetration of the Internet, today we are dealing with another change in the purchasing model of the customer, which is associated with a massive increase in the use of mobile devices and applications. Today purchases via smartphones for some enterprises account for 20%, with a simultaneous 80% made by the traditional Internet. I suppose that in 3 years the proportion will be reversed, which is why marketing automation service providers must be ready for these changes “