Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets are already good enough, right?

What if i told you there are few apps you can use in business that will greatly improve your experience?

Will you jump and shout from the happiness? I certainly do hope you will. Before you are five apps you might want to check out!




Fieldbook is an interesting app. Previously it was only an massive Excel spreadsheet, and users just couldn’t know whether the data provided was up to date, which is common problem while using Google spreadsheets (adding comments to particular cells, from my experience, was always very clumsy process). With Fieldbook user can make a change to the data in one place and it automatically updates in all other views.


To summarize, Fieldbook advantages are:


  • You can focus on what matters with easy sort, filter & group
  • See and edit rows in a full-screen form view
  • Organize better with linked sheets
  • You can try it for free


Airtable 2.0


Airtable is an app that works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. It’s not just a spreadsheet replacement, nor just a user-friendly database. You may think of it as a new, useful tool for working on structured information. As for now, over 2 million bases have now been created by Airtable users.


Long story short, Airtable 2.0 advantages:


  • Available in both mobile and desktop versions
  • Airtable fields can handle any content (attachments, long text notes, checkboxes, links to records in other tables—even barcodes)
  • 3 types of views: Grid view, Calendar view, Gallery view
  • Works with the tools you already use (Google Docs, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)


Quip Spreadsheets for Teams


This app, as it’s name suggests is focused on making spreadsheets easy to use for teams. Traditional spreadsheets are great for complex data and trend analyses, but they’re too complicated for smooth management of your team’s everyday spreadsheet needs like budgets, tables, and project plans. Basically the ones that require constant access, consistent input, and in-depth context.



  • Spreadsheet integration with Quip’s other app, living documents
  • Real-time in-cell comment threads, @-mentions, and track changes.
  • Formula bar with over 400 functions
  • Simple, user friendly interface


Awesome Table


It is a complementary app web application that displays data from a Google Spreadsheet into various types of views: from a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, or card views. Thanks to this data in Sheets are shown in a more functional way.


  • Main advantage of this app is that it is complementary and almost gadget like, while still adding great number of functions, making the experience with sheets much smoother.


Automated Spreadsheets


Another Google Sheets complementary app. List of features is quite beneficial to finance management, and making detailed reports. As it can be difficult to aggregate all the necessary ad data into one report, automated spreadsheets come to action. With data automation in Google Spreadsheets, ad campaign reporting updates itself in seconds.


List of advantages:


  • Detailed campaign financial report(daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Percentage change over time chart (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Campaign level, Adset level, keywords level reports
  • Easily Change dates to auto-populate new data
  • Monitor performance of all clients in one sheet


So, how do you like this quick spreadsheet applications overview? Here at APPmanago we use spreadsheets very often so the options mentioned above caught our interest. Do you happen to know any other, maybe better ones? Share with us your story in the comments