Mobile Marketing is not a future, it’s also not a solution you will maybe need to implement. Mobile marketing is the present. In the world where 80% of Internet users have a smartphone, and use them daily at every possible moment they can spare, mobile marketing is priority you have to focus on if you want to reach the highest possible number of users.


We wrote about this before – modern day picture you have in your head while imaging usual smartphone user is some youngster with the device glued to his hands, shooting some selfies or chatting on Facebook. Current generation  is mobile. Smartphone, tablet, sometimes smartwatch – that’s the equipment of a teenager today. More often than not laptops are being excluded from the mobile device’s definition. Time spent online on  mobile has already exceeded the one spent by desktop browsing. For most of us smartphone is the first thing we use after waking up and last before going to sleep at night.


Today we present you 51 hot stats on mobile marketing. Starting with some data on devices, you’ll get to know information about mCommerce, users’ behaviour in the web, where and when is he browsing it, which social media platform he uses the most often and most willingly.


In 2015 Google altered their algorithms, so mobile-friendly sites would appear higher on the search list. This event quickly got the name of “Mobilegeddon”, as entrepreneurs were racing to mobile-up their websites. Suddenly, the whole world went mobile.


Still not convinced? Did you know that a lot of the customers in the malls are just trying on the clothes, buying them later via smartphone. Showrooming, as it is called, is phenomenon you can use for your benefit, e.g. using beacons. Still wonder what beacons are? Read our 13 Awesome Stats – Beacon Edition, and learn why they are so awesome a marketing tool.  This infographic we prepared will pack you a punch of knowledge about mobile marketing. 51 hot stats will charge you with smarts you will use to improve your web presence.


To sum it up, this pack of knowledge will equip you for a war, which mobile marketing is. Be victorious! Check our infographic! If by any chance you already are skilled marketing warrior leave some comments below!