Ecommerce allows us to sell and buy products and services of all kind – without the limitation of time and distance. Ecommerce certainly revolutionized the way we conduct business. But what about  it was so so great that it grew on popularity so much? Certainly the common availiability of the internet. We discuss ecommerce from many perspectives – but here on APPmanago’s blog we will focus on what can you do to improve your eccomerce by presenting you the biggest, most interesting trends in electronic, which also means mobile, commerce.



  • Using social medias only to communicate with your costumers stops being enough



If you still think of using social medias just to connect with your customers, to get them to like or comment on the stuff you post you probably live in the past. Right now social eccomerce landskape is changing fast. Websites like Pinterest and Twitter introduced the idea of buttons that companies can use to sell their prodcuts directly through social network. Sites like Shopify and Bigcommerce have built-in Facebook selling.


  • Integration with Beacon technology



In ecommerce the meeting point of online and offline worlds is the beacon technology.  The idea is – you walk near some brands store, and then you get some kind of greeting on your mobile device, or even better, some tasty offer with apropriate  discount.


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  • Artificial Intelligence will get much more popular



Probably thanks to Siri’s popularity, chatbots are getting more and more popular. Even though it’s not exactly new techology, it has been continously improved. For example try having a conversation with CleverBot, it is almost seamless experience. But the more important thing is that in 2017 people dig artificial intelligence ALOT! Try to implement it.




  • Predicting the customer’s next purchase 


Accurate prediction of customers needs and wants is something to be layed down for later no more. Predictive analysis, real time content personalization is gaining huge popularity, you can say it became a standard. Trying to get big in ecommerce while not having a proper tool to utilize Big Data is like coming to a gun shooting with a knife.


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  • Developing Omnichannel strategy – unification of commerce with ecommerce



“Omnis” is Latin for “every/all” – then as you can easily deduce, omnichannel will be considered as the integration of psychical (offline) and digital(online) channels to offer your customers better, unified and seamless experience. In 2017 youwill  want to combine retail stores, online shop, webpage, social medias, mobile devices, emails – literally every possible way of communication


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  • Users now want to deal directly with brands – importance of mobile applications



In 2017 consider launching an appfor your businnes, as users now want to deal directly with the brands, so the way in which users and brands are connecting is becoming less circuitous. Releasing an application is a perfect tool for that, as it gives user the personalized experience he looks for, provided of your app is personalized to your customers needs, and most of them are not. APPmanago is the tool to help you with that.



  • Real time analytics are now the norm



Advanced analytics come of especially great use during the end of the month when you try to figure out what aspects of the site were hurting business. It allows you to learn from mistakes, polish your website and gain more leads.


It is not hard to imagine that ecommerce will grow even bigger – with internet being available everywhere, thousands of mobile applications launching every month, it’s inevitable. Every bussiness wanting to be succesfull should be conscious of trends ruling ecommerce, and use them for it’s own advantage. How do you find yourself in the era of mobile? Share your opinion with us in the comments!