Smartphones became part of our lives – we all know that. Or do we? Poll conducted by Gallup Panel survey among 15,747 U.S. adults has some new information about that. One of the things they  discovered is that most of us believe we check our smartphones less often than others, while it’s also true that most of us check their smartphones at least few times an hour!

Casual observation in everyday life would lead us to conclude that young smartphone owners use their devices more often than those who are older. The data confirm this claim, and the differences are astounding. More than seven in 10 young people check their device a few times an hour or more often, including 22% who check it every few minutes. That contrasts with the 21% of people (aged 65 and older) who check it a few times an hour or more, with a minuscule 3% of that older age group checking it every few minutes.

“Most Believe That They Check Their Smartphones Less Often Than Others”

Here are some interesting stats:

  • 52% of smartphone users check it a few times an hour or more
  • Young people are the most frequent smartphone checkers
  • Most smartphone owners have smartphone by them all day, many all night


Most people owning a smartphone keep their phones near them all day, many even while they sleep, and most of them check their phone at least a few times within every hour. The pervasive presence of smartphones in Americans’ lives is especially visible among younger people, one out of five of whom is admitting to checking their smartphone every few minutes.
All of the consequences of this brave new world in which individuals mostly stay in touch with the world through their mobile devices are certainly not known at this point but are continually being studied with increased frequency. Certainly, the telephone, radio and then the television changed the way people relate to the world. The smartphone, no doubt, is doing the same.

And how often do you use your smartphone? It’s quite a handy device, ever-present in our daily lives. As marketers we need to think like the users which we are – this way we can connect more easily with the minds of our clients. In APPmanago we know excactly what the user wants.