appmanago-photo-editing-mobile-appsPublishing the attractive content allows you to build long-term relationships with the customers and increase the circle of consumers including both, general and well-defined audience. It is essential to disclose so appealing, exciting and innovative materials to butter users’ parsnips so they want to be acquainted with it and afterward, share it. Casual posts with images in popular social media channels are not enough to break through the tons of infoglut, but shared photos must be aesthetically pleasing enough to remove your finger from the screen and stop you from scrolling it down. In our Storytelling 101 we proved the importance of building the story in visual content.  Now we would like to present you some innovative and uncommon applications that make your photos memorable. But remember, you should always check the effectiveness of marketing activities whether it’s a blog, application or social media. With the platform for mobile marketing analysis, you can find out which in-app content have adopted best and which is better to get rid of it. To analyze the activities on your website you can use the platform for marketing automation, and social networking sites usually offer their own control panel.


Prisma: The most popular application of today’s statement. It made a “big bada-bum” in  the app stores and gained a crowd of supporters. It allows you to move your assembly to the world of expressionism where such a stars like  Roy Liechtenstein, Edward Munch, Van Gogh or Picasso, are waiting for us. The product developed by a small technologists team  form Moscow takes our pictures to the level which Lo-Fi or X-Pro II cannot reach any longer.

Fotomoji: Do you know what creates the mood of SMS messages or posts? Emoji, of course. So why not to transform pics or posters into a mosaic composed of this little famous icons? The Fotomoji application enables to create a remarkable explosion of popular faces in a funny, thumb-reachable way – with a single button tap. Simple, lovely and foolish – but definitely drawing the attention.

Artisto: When developers create the popular app, they won’t stop until they still have some ideas to explore. Artisto turns up the creativity of our movies, in the same way Prisma does it with our pictures. The program is able to make a gif of running dog in the pop-art style but in a more exquisite way – not only that it has unusual colors, but it also moves.

Path On: Do you want to add custom, curved and consistent text style to your image? Walk this Path(On)! This application makes possible to easily label all photos. Just draw a path along which the text should appear, and it’s done. A major advantage of Path On’s tools are the huge opportunities. This outstanding selection of fonts, spaces and the option to align the image trigger the application to being the best in the adding-to-text group.

Facetune: Selfie is a touchy issue, but sometimes it just happens (we should put that on the sticker). It’s good to have a tool which help us improve photo’s quality in a simple way – without applying ten layers of filters. With this application, we turn our finger into a beautifying brush and we can whiten our teeth, brighten our eyes, remove blemishes and wrinkles, correct red-eye effect and even change the shape of the face (thinning it or filling). The Photoshop-at-demand is something we like!

The Roll: Now you know some cool apps that make your photos look awesome. However, you have been looking at it for so long that it’s almost impossible for you to reasonably assess whether it is actually hot enough to become a true like-bomb. Here we come with the solution. The Roll is an app that can support you with chosing the very best of your photos. A group of German startuppers with some proffesionalshas developped images rating algorithm based on the artifical intelligence. They have checked what makes some pictures such a like-eater.


Example of Prisma photo – for more visit our Instagram

It has been proved that 90% of the information that our brain is processing  are condensed pictographs. Bear it in mind  while developing the marketing strategy and never neglect this form of comunication. Heading up the business profiles on portals such as Instagram should no longer be confined to inserting images without expression. One of the requirements for achieving the status of the first-rate profile is trend setting ang trend promoting. Tools listed above will certainly help you to raise the bar, and if you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your blog or fanpage, check THIS POST!


What are your favorite applications for images processing?