Social media is an incredible invention of the modern era that allows us to connect with countless members of our instagram-app-login-splash-screen-logo-on-iphone-picjumbo-comaudience. Which platforms we use, and how we choose to engage with these users is incredibly important. Ultimately, the correct platforms and tips can empower you to tell a compelling story that humanizes your brand and connects it to your potential customers.


Today I’m going to show you some quick tips you can use to tell your brand’s story, followed by an infographic that will empower you with the knowledge to choose the right platform for your business.

Telling Your Story on Social Media (Infographic)


Learning how to tell your story is easier said than done. While we’re all hardwired to enjoy stories, social media offers a lot of ways to make that happen. Ultimately, the foundation of your story should be on social media platforms that your audience uses, otherwise it’s not being told to the right people.


When you’ve found which networks are best for your business, consider these five tips for telling your brand’s story on social media:

  • Post pictures of your employees and behind-the-scenes events
  • Add key dates and milestones on your timeline (this applies to Facebook)
  • Curate content that is similar to your own and reinforces your story
  • Establish a presence on the right platforms (Facebook and Twitter are usually a good start)
  • Don’t forget about LinkedIn Pulse (a great platform for posting useful industry-specific articles)


Let’s say you’ve read all the hosting reviews you can handle, and you’ve started your website or blog. Now’s the time to start telling your brand’s story.
As you move forward with your social media marketing, check out the infographic below for a deeper look into the intricacies of today’s social media platforms. Let us know how you tell your brand’s story in the comments!